Creating myself as Barbie


I was interested to find if there are any companies allowing children to create dolls similar to them. When typing this in a search engine the top result was ‘Mattel barbie styled by me’ I styled my Barbie on Mattels website, you are able to name Barbie and then choose one of six pre designed Barbies all the same but with different skin tones and hair colours. then you dress your Barbie in four outfits, one casual, which included corsets and mini skirts, along with platform heels, there was one pair of jeans and one T-shirt on the list meaning there was only really one appropriate outfit to dress Barbie in. The other two outfits were party/cocktail dresses , very short and low cut, and the fourth was a customised pink T-shirt with your name on. The whole range of clothing and shoes for Barbie were quite limiting and very adult, hardly the types of fashion and styles I would associate with a child.


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