The more positive dolls

Most of the research carried out so far has lead to negative comments about barbies and baby dolls giving young children the wrong idea about body image and their role in life. I wanted to take a look at the companies offering toys with a much more positive outlook.

The following images were taken at the London toy fair.



The first image shows rag doll style toys, which would only be popular with a younger customer, the second image shows a more lifelike doll, they were plastic but flexible unlike Barbies. They have a similar body to young girls with flat chests and bodies which aren’t super skinny. These dolls are dressed in quite adult styles of clothing which I do think is a good idea now I have seen how many people have said their children enjoy giving adult roles to their toys, however the clothes are still modest and appropriate for children.


The Only hearts club are an American company offering an alternative to Barbie. The online store gives character descriptions to the dolls. This big and little sister combo has an inspiring character description, its great that this company are telling customers back stories about how the dolls are keen to learn and the good examples that the younger dolls should follow.

It’s Kayla and her little sister, Sydney! Sydney and Kayla love to wear their matching Only Hearts Club jackets. Kayla is proud that Sydney looks up to her and wants to be a member of the Only Hearts Club some day.

A little sister is always looking up to her big sister…watching, learning and imitating, so each Only Hearts Girl™ has an important responsibility to “listen to her heart and do the right thing,” to take care of her little sister, and to set a good example for her. In addition to the Big Sister…Li’l Sister™ sets, Only Hearts Girls and Only Hearts Li’l Kids™ are also sold separately, so you can collect and match your favorites!

Lily stands 9 inches tall and Jessica stands 4 inches tall. Both feature a soft poseable Polyester-filled body with vinyl head and hands, glass eyes and high quality rooted hair.”



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