Adult Stereotypes

We made a visit to a large shopping centre in order to make some ‘adult stereotype’ observations, to see which products were particularly gender specific. In general, the gender specific products always came back to ‘beauty’ in a way, with fashion and cosmetics being the main dividers. It was clear to see which products were aimed at females, with the majority of packaging being pink. This was especially seen in perfume shops.


Other cosmetic shops had a more gender neutral approach to their packaging, such as Lush with plain black pots and chalkboard style font, however their cliental were still of a female majority. While a lot of their products could be used by anyone, they did have specific sections for male and female customers. But where the male products maintained the generic packaging and advertising, the female products were adapted to bright and obviously feminine decoration.


The Body Shop generally had a more feminine approach as they had more female specific products but unlike Lush they kept their packaging simple and quite reserved. Everything in the shop was displayed the same way so it was quite hard to spot the male products, however when you did see them they had a much more up-market, executive look to them. I think this is because if men use cosmetics they will likely use just the one so want it to appear expensive and high quality, whereas women will most likely have a variety and will prefer a brand name of one but the use of another.



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