Teen then, teen now.

I did a short comparative exercise to see how people perceive teens from ten years ago and from today.


This first image shows a 15 year old in 2006. You can easily identify that she is a young girl and 100% of people asked guessed her age within a year.


This image shows two teens from today. The girl on the right has just recently turned thirteen years of age. 100% of people asked guessed she was older. Most of them said she was at least 5 years older, guessing her at 18 years of age.  

This is further evidence that younger people are expected to be grown-up before their time. Some might say that young people have less responsibility now than they ever have but still they seem to appear older and expect to be treated as such before they can handle it. This is supportive of the message ‘Baby’s First Baby’ is trying to get across.


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