User testing



We took the prototype to 3 year old Grace to see which options she would choose and how she would react to the costume. It was presented to her in both boxes and she opted for the pink box. When asked if she wanted to try the other side of the costume she said no.

We found Grace to be very shy when we were there, and it took a long time for her to sit in the same room as us. This shows us that next time it may be best for us to hand the product to the childs parents and ask them to record for us.


First costume prototype

First costume prototype

This side shows the first prototype for the boys costume.

First prototype of costume

First prototype of costume

This image shows the first prototype of the costume I made for the Formative assessment

This is the girls side of the costume.





We intend to package the same costume in two different boxes which play to each gender. This misleads the buyer (i.e.the parent) and makes them think that they are purchasing a typical gender based toy, when in fact a secret lies inside, leaving the choice entirely up to the child. This could also allow for reversible packaging.


Finalising design ideas for costume

Finalising design ideas for costume

Sketches showing the two different sides of the costume. Working with polar opposites in terms of colours and textures.