Project Review

I feel this collaboration has worked well. We each took a role (Sarah, costume and Hannah, Packaging) Which meant we were able to both work on an area. 

The outcome is something I would like to take further and continue to user test and work on. When the project began we were trying to redesign Barbie, however through our research we came across both girl and boy stereotypes which finally led to the outcome of reversible dress up. 


Some more user testing

I carried out further user testing with Lana aged 5. Being slightly older Lana was comfortable to play with the costume and have me photograph it. The outcome was interesting, Lana wanted to combine different sides of the outfit and be half ‘action man’ and half fairy.

Final Prototypes of Costume

The final prototypes are shown below, they have been altered slightly, the new costume is made for a 5 year old. The pink costume has crystals scattered on keeping the design a little more simple  and the boys costume has details on the back of the jacket which an embroidery machine was used for. I applied less organza to the girl costume so it wont be so uncomfortable to wear on the reverse.