Boys have stereotypes too.

I think it is important to remember that both girls and boys have stereotypes, we automatically associate video games with boys, as the image below suggests and girls are associated with pink and shopping. It is equally as wrong to assume boys are only interested in ‘typical’ boys toys and masculine colours.


boys_toys_grande girly_girl_gift_ideas_grande

“The term “tomboy” is used when referring to a girl who is masculine, and the term “sissy” is used when referring to a boy who is feminine. We need to state what we consider feminine and what is masculine. According to the established sense in the society, femininity and masculinity are tightly bound to gender. Men are supposed to be masculine. They are expected to be strong, rough, to have high stamina. They are not supposed to wear skirts(the Scots are an exception) but trousers, and should avoid colors like pink and violet. These are “feminine” colors. The man in the family is usually the person who should provide money and build a career. On the othere hand, women are supposed to be tender and loving mothers and wives, to wear skirts and to walk on higheels. They are should not have a career, but should take care of the kids and the house.

It seems that these perceptions have been existing forever. That is because from early childhood, we are thought by our parents that pink is for girls, and blue is for boys. The trucks and weaponry toys are for boys and the dolls are for girls. Than, it is not surprising that we accept gender stereotyping and try to fit in the rigid models of feminine and masculine.” (

It seems that the majority of parents are reluctant to give their sons toys aimed at girls such as easy bake oven or a doll.


The toy fair at Olympia

We attended the toy fair at London Olympia to gain an insight into current toy trends. It was beneficial to be able to see how different toys have developed and what types of toys are being marketed. There were many new innovative styles of toy including chocolate which can be moulded into different shapes in the way play dough can. We also managed to take a look at the new barbies being offered to the market which are shown in the images. Barbie hasn’t really changed with the new ‘role play barbie’ sets based around makeup, hair, beauty and cooking, the typical roles barbie has always been associated with.

20130123-184259 20130123-184514

The Barbie brand is always clear to see at events or on the shelf in a toy store, the bright pink with the Barbie logo is never mistaken for another toy. The new Barbies have been altered slightly, they now come with hinged arms and legs which makes them able to pose in a more lifelike way.

The following images were also taken at the toy fair

Hello Kitty Toy fairphoto2


These Hello Kitty toys look much more appropriate for younger children however they are all pink and they are based around housekeeping, most of the toys shown design for young girls were babies, ovens, hoovers.